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Fractional HR Leadership

At Partnership for Talent, we believe that every organization deserves a great HR partner.  Whether large or small, for profit or non-profit, organizations and employees benefit when a strong HR partner is supporting the management team.  Large organizations have CHROs or Chief People Officers who support them every day, small to medium sized organizations, who employ the majority of people in our country, often go without this partnership simply because they don't need the support on a daily basis and can't afford the steep price tag. This is where we come in.


We are able to bring executive level HR support to organizations who might not ordinarily have it.  We specialize in providing high impact strategic HR services to small and medium sized organizations on a fractional basis.  In this role we help organizations think through things like organizational structure, succession planning, key training and leadership development activities, support for managers in conversations with employees, and employee processes to drive outcomes.  Contact us to find out how a fractional HR leader and support team can provide you best in class HR business partner support, scaled appropriately for your business, and accelerate your results.


Every Organization Deserves a Great HR Partner

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