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Partnership for Talent is an independently owned and operated consulting firm specializing in providing high impact strategic HR services to small and medium sized organizations. Because of the background and experience of our principal and founder we are able to bring executive level HR support to organizations who might not ordinarily have it. Let's face it, every organization could benefit from a partner to help think through things like organizational structure, succession planning, key training and leadership development activities, support for managers in conversations with employees, and employee processes to drive outcomes. In many instances, small and medium sized organizations need this type of support for fewer hours a year than extremely large businesses, or on a more intermittent or project basis. Oftentimes, small to medium sized organizations have outsourced much of their HR related work or have a single person who is great at managing the day to day, but could benefit from more strategic HR support provided in a different way than hiring a CHRO in-house. This is where we come in.

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Meet Our Founder

Susannah Robinson is the founder and president of Partnership for Talent LLC. With more than 30 years of executive level leadership experience in human resources, communications, investor relations, board interaction, and business management in a variety of verticals, she works closely with you and your management team to catalyze change within your organization and support your leaders.   


Her expertise fosters an engaging learning environment driven by personal anecdotes of executive partnerships, strategic business planning, and rewriting the rules of organizational design. Her personable demeanor, wealth of knowledge, and commitment to fostering leadership excellence makes Susannah a trusted partner and confidant who continues to inspire and elevate the next generation of leaders.

In addition to acting as the fractional Chief Talent Officer and Head of HR for a variety of organizations from start up to medium sized organizations, Susannah also maintains an SPHR certification and teaches master's level Organizational Design for Northeastern University.

Meet Our Team

HR Director 
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Deb Parson is a driven HR professional and a champion for improvement processes and organizational change management.  She is skilled in talent acquisition, talent management and strategic HR management. As an influential project leader, Deb uses her background in research and writing to create appealing content and advocate for the importance of Human Resources as a foundation for any successful business....

As HR Director, Deb is dedicated to developing effective and visionary leaders. With previous experiences designing and leader educational programming, Deb has honed her expertise in delivering essential and adaptable training that enables managers to successfully lead teams in an ever - evolving, multi generational and diverse workplace. 

Olivia Hodgkins is a versatile HR professional with a dedication to well-rounded people operations throughout all levels of an organization with a focus on systems implementation, talent acquisition, and cultivating sound business partner relationships with individual contributors and people leaders alike. Her solid foundation in talent acquisition and systems implementation gives her a skilled understanding of the importance of end-user experience and integrating that experience into HR initiatives.


As HR Business Partner, Olivia uses her objectivity and calm nature to work through projects and identify opportunities for improvement with strategy, efficiency, and follow through. Olivia holds her BA in English as well as her MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurialism and is currently working towards her SPHR certification.

HR Business Partner
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